New Designed (Reconstructed) Plant / Workshop

The new (renovation) construction plant (workshop) is a major event for the production enterprise. It involves not only current and long-term, but also investment, efficiency, availability and cost. It also involves GMP compliance from beginning to end, not only involving Chinese GMP compliance, but also involving international GMP compliance. .

How to consider the construction cost and maintenance cost in the construction process, combined with the current situation and future development of the enterprise, taking into account investment and efficiency, and taking into account the requirements of China's GMP and international GMP?

Based on more than 10 years of experience in GMP consulting services at home and abroad, Conley can provide integrated consulting services to address these issues:

The first module: project planning and plan for the new factory (workshop);

The second module: user requirements standards, overall arrangements and design confirmation;

The third module: drawing design and audit confirmation;

The fourth module: engineering construction, equipment installation and GMP supervision;

The fifth module: GMP organization system and document system establishment;

The sixth module: training;

The seventh module: verification;

The eighth module: China GMP certification;

The ninth module: overseas certification or audit;

The tenth module: Correction and Prevention (CAPA) and follow-up services.